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Vacancy: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

appointmetotheboard limited seeks to appoint a CEO to its trading company, RedStar Bank.

Job description

This highly coveted and sought-after position as the figurehead CEO of the world's safest bank requires an individual who can make the position their own and write their own job description. You may have great ideas about reforming the financial sector, and how a bank should be run. Or you may prefer to stay in bed all day and count your salary and bonuses.

The successful candidate must

  • complete an application form to engage, amaze, shock or otherwise find a way to stand out from the crowd.
  • have exemplary paper-shuffling skills

Salary and benefits

The salary is still being raised, and currently stands at 536.40. By February 2012, it is hoped that a package of 500,000 will be offered.

Other benefits include:

  • every applicant receives a share in RedStar bank and business cards

The successful applicant will also receive:

  • a generous holiday allowance
  • an application made on their behalf for honours due to services to industry

How to apply

Complete the application form. No CVs accepted.

Closing date

31 January 2012

Further information

For further details, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or guidelines pages.

The RedStar Bank CEO salary currently stands at:

5 3 6 · 4 0

and counting

figure updated quarterly

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