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appoint me to the board

Guidelines for filling in the application form

Personal details - name and email

We need to have these details to update you of any changes to the application process, and in the event of you becoming shortlisted for the CEO position. Note that none of your personal details will be available on the website, sold or otherwise distributed to third parties.


We don't have to put real name on the website. Choose whatever nickname you like. Although if it is too spicy, or if someone else has the same username, we reserve the right to alter it - or at least ask you to use a different name.


This is just a short summary, catchphrase, motto or whatever you like. Think of it as your CV's mission statement, if it helps.


You know the thing - a few colourful lines about yourself that you usually put on a CV. Like being in a Sunday league football side, to show you are a team player. Just something to help us get to know the real you.

Select or upload a picture

Ideally we want to see who we are dealing with - do you have an honest face? Decency may be an editorial factor. We haven't decided yet. If you are too modest to upload a picture, pick one from our portrait gallery.

We're not insisting on it, but it would be a real boon if you could make your picture no more than 150 pixels wide. Then we won't have to. If you don't or can't do that, well, we will have to do it.

Why are you the right person for the job?

This is your chance to convince us to make you a job offer. Tell us about your banking experience. Or tell us about your lack of banking experience. Tell us your manifesto. Tell us how you would spend your salary.

You can tell us whatever you want to. But remember this is a selection process. You have to get the public to vote for you, or catch the eye of our selection panel.

So whatever else you do, make sure it is interesting.

Upload audio or video file

If you wish to strengthen your application with some moving pictures, go ahead. Do you juggle? We like jugglers.

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